Corporate Outings

Corporate Outings

Tropical Camping provides a unique experience for kids celebrating their birthdays. It's quite uncommon in urban life today for kids to be in such a natural environment. Make a lifetime of memories for your children by hosting their birthday party at Tropical Camping

Corporate Events

All work and no play makes your team want to run-away! It doesn't have to be that way though. Work and play go very well together. Tropical Camping is best suited for a quick getaway from work for your team. Not just that, we have activities that will double the fun at the outing.

At Tropical camping it's all about living the true campers life and getting as close to nature as possible. Here are a few activities that your group can enjoy
  • Pitching your own tents: If you haven't done this before, it's an excellent activity to kick start your camping fun!
  • Sun-down DIY Barbecue Experience the joy of cooking food unconventionally. The sizzling charcoal will do the rest.
  • Campfire time: Enjoy time with your team around a campfire. Sing songs, tell stories and make memories
  • Night Trail: Take a walk in the woods after night fall. It's a heavenly experience.
  • Star gazing: Officially conducted by one of our crew members
  • Theater Games: Conducted set of activities that are fun, yet help challenge stereotypes, help pull you out of your comfort zones, build trust, strengthen relationships and help you with overall life skills to list a few takeaways.
Talk to us to make the experience more personal and unique for the kids.

Package Options

We offer group discounts for large corporate groups. Please get in touch to know more about various pricing options.