Overnight Camping

Overnight Camping

At merely 30 kms from Pune, Tropical Camping is the closest place for authentic Camping experience. Under the cover of alphonso mango trees, Tropical Camping provides a natural setting for camping newbies and enthusiasts alike

Activities at the Campsite

The idea of camping is to relax. Get away from the hectic and stressful urban life, enjoy some time with yourself and your loved ones. Tropical Camping is the best place for this. Here are some activities you could do at Tropical Camping
  • Spend quality time with your thoughts, Meditate
  • Bring a book along. The one that you have always wanted to read but don't find the time
  • Have a conversation. Over time, we lose the energy and enthusiasm to have a conversation with our spouce or a friend. Camping is an ideal setting to get it started again
  • Barbecue.Cooking a perfect barbecue is not just satisfying but also gives you immense pleasure. The whole process of experiencing how the cave man might have lived is fascinating.
  • Take a night walk into the woods. Tropical Camping is surrounded by forest land. You can take a walk near the campsite at nightfall to enjoy the cool breeze and pollution free air.
  • Play some card / board games. We have a few games at the sight that might interest you.
  • Go for a hike. Early morning time is a great time to go hiking on the mountain. You can come back by breakfast time.
  • Bird watching. The campsite has plenty of birds visiting in the early morning hours before sunrise. You can get some cool pictures of birds fluttering around the campsite. If you are a bit more serious, the valley is 10 min drive.


This is a typical itinerary for overnight camping.

  • Checkin: 5pm
  • Hi Tea: 5 to 6
  • DIY Barbecue: 6 to 8
  • Camp Fire: 8 to 10:30
  • Dinner: 9:30 to 10:30
  • Quiet Time: 10:30 onwards
  • Breakfast: 9 am
  • Checkout: 11 am
If you are a corporate group or have booked the campsite exclusively, the itinerary can be customised a little bit. Please talk to us to know how we can customise it for you.


The Rules are built mainly to ensure that everyone at the campsite can enjoy the camping experience equally. Groups / Individuals not following the rule might be asked to leave the campsite.
  1. The quiet time post 10:30 needs to be strictly followed.
  2. No alcohol consumption is allowed at the campsite
  3. We are a green site expect you to help us in the endeavour. Please dispose of your plastic and trash outside the campsite. You can take it with you or collect and handover to us for disposal.