Summer Camps at Tropical Camping

Summer Camps at Tropical Camping

As the schools take a break, we at Tropical Camping are gearing up to have some fun and exciting summer season of Camps. We have bunch of different activities planned for Summer for kids aged 10 to 15 years.

Theater Camp - 6th May

Theater activity is one of the best way to engage young minds, make them think critically and encourage them to express themselves. The Theater camp will not only help kids explore their creative aptitudes, but also help them with boosting their confidence with interpersonal and public interactions.
With theater camp, kids will take part in various group activities, theater games, quick improvisation projects and much more.
The overnight camping will add to the fun when everyone sits around a bonfire to enjoy the summer nights and sing some songs.
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Parents are welcome to join!

Parents are always curious to see their child experience new things. We welcome all the parents to join us at the theater camp. Our team will do our best to keep you engaged as well.!

Art Camp - 27th May

Art is a very basic human trait that every person has by birth. It only needs the right amount of nurturing to develop. Our art camp is build on this very principle - Letting campers explore their creativity through art while learning the basic media, techniques and forms.

Our art camp will include painting with various media like canvas, paper, acrylic, water and oil paints, sculpture making with clay, paper mache and other forms of creative expression

The campers will enjoy exploring their creativity with the thrill of camping out under the starts, experience life in outdoors and take away a new found interest in art.

Registeration to open soon.